It isn’t too difficult for any of us to sometimes feel  wounded,  scared, down, lost, vulnerable, or  “not good enough” as we navigate the ups and downs of life, especially in an increasingly complex and ailing world.  Psychotherapy can help us slowly make sense of the past and  ourselves so that we can encounter the present moment with more awareness, freedom and aliveness.  I see it less as a “quick fix” or way to rid ourselves of unwanted parts but rather a way to become more fully, more deeply and more uniquely ourselves.  With an abiding love of the arts I often work with sensitive and even “shy” individuals, many of whom have histories of abuse or neglect and are trying to make sense of their past and present lives in order to find a greater sense of freedom and comfort within their own skin and in the world.

Individual Therapy

Typically, I work with individual adults for long term depth psychotherapy with a special focus upon cultivating mindfulness, listening deepy to the particulars of each client in order to navigate the course of therapy..

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Children and Teens

Therapy can help children and teens at crucial times find a language, whether verbally or through art, to express and communicate their true feelings within a safe relationship...

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