Children & Teens

As adults we sometimes miss the depth, intensity and complexity of the emotional lives of children and teens.  I use a combination of expressive arts, sandplay and talk therapy to assist teens navigating the transition into early adulthood as well as for children who are going through a transition (such as their parent’s divorce), loss, or who are recovering from a history of abuse, neglect and/or trauma.  For a child we may see these struggles in a variety of forms including the child appearing sad and “not quite themselves”, distancing themselves from peers and parents, “getting into trouble” at school or at home, or making extreme efforts to be “good” and “perfect”.

Therapy can help children at these crucial times find a language, whether verbally or through art and/or sandplay, to communicate and express their true feelings within a safe relationship.  Often when this is able to happen the initial presenting struggles and symptoms subside.  I also find it very important to include parents in treatment so that they can learn can grow and learn with their child and for this reason I usually meet with children on a weekly basis as well as with parents on a monthly basis.

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